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 All sessions are run in English



Jake – Senior Instructor

Jake is an internationally recognised and experienced fencer, HEMA Instructor and sword enthusiast. With thirty years experience, he has studied with masters across Europe and is an active member of the global HEMA community. He is the founder of the annual May Melee event in the UK, has established HEMA clubs throughout the UK and in The Netherlands. 

As a visible member of the community, Jake frequently attends events across Europe such as Dreynevent, the Dutch Lions Cup and Swordfish and has taught at many, such as Swords and Cider, Fight Camp and the May Melee. 

Jake teaches longsword, sidesword, sword and buckler, messer, staff, montane and dagger.



What do we teach?

We start all new students on German longsword. The syllabus is based on a book written by Jude Lew in the mid 15th centenary. Leaning the basics of German longsword will give you great foundation of swordsmanship. Jude Lew’s book has been translated into modern German and English and has been published with the original text and both translations.

ISBN-10: 3932077466

ISBN-13: 978-3932077463


What happens during a session?

A normal session will consist of a warm up followed by sword drills then light paired sparing. Each session is 55 minutes long.


What will I need to take part?

Please wear jogging bottoms (no jeans), a t-shirt and trainers. You will also need something to drink such as a large bottle of water; no alcohol permitted during the session but we normally have a drink at the bar after the session.


What equipment will we be using?

A synthetic training sword, fencing mask, gloves and elbow protection will be provided for beginners during the session. You can bring your own equipment but this will need to be checked for suitability and safety prior to use during the session.


When do you run sessions?

This is still to be confirmed.


Where do the sessions take place?

We are currently looking for a venue in Chur.


How do I book?

Please email if you are interested in finding out more about Virtus Sword School, Chur.

1 year ago

We started to look at the master strikes last night in the introduction course.
The next intro course starts on 20th March.

1 year ago

This week we had three classes running; beginners longsword, Lecküchners messer and Myers rapier.

1 year ago

Last night was the first session of our beginners longsword course run by Jasper and it was a great success. At the other end of the hall Jake was running a messer session with the rest of the group.

1 year ago

Last night was our first session of the year. We started the year off with a session on Meyer’s staff.

1 year ago

Happy New year. Try something new. Learn to use a sword.

Introductory course starts 10th January 2020 in The Hague. Virtus Sword School teaches European historical swordsmanship. Everyone is ... See more

1 year ago

This week we were looking at medieval dagger fighting

1 year ago


Introductory course starts 10th January 2020 in The Hague. Virtus Sword School teaches European historical swordsmanship. Everyone is welcome from beginners to ... See more

1 year ago

Ho ho ho swords for everyone

1 year ago

Happy Christmas 🎄⛄️🎄

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