Forest of Dean

Forest of Dean

Virtus Sword School Forest of Dean

The chapter mostly study German longsword. Zako encourages students to study different weapons giving the students a diverse knowledge in HEMA. Members age from 20-76 with knowledge from beginner upwards. We have plenty of equipment for new people to borrow and beginners are always welcome.



Zako has been studying martial arts at the age of 8 in the form of taekwondo, since then he has been developing his skills styles/systems. He is an accomplished archer both with a modern bow and historical longbow. Zako started German longsword in 2015 and has also studied sidesword and minatory sabre, he can teach an array of different weapons.



What are the costs?

There is an annual membership fee of £15 and  the training fees is £25 per month. After a couple of weeks we also ask that you buy a club t-shirt to were at sessions from here.


What happens during a session?

A normal session will consist of a warm up followed by sword drills then light paired sparing. Each session is 55 minutes long.


What will I need to take part?

Please wear jogging bottoms (no jeans), a t-shirt (a long sleeve t-shirt is recommended) and trainers. You will also need something to drink such as a large bottle of water; no alcohol permitted but we have been known to drop into the local watering hole after a session.


What equipment will we be using?

A synthetic training sword, fencing mask, gloves and elbow protection will be provided for beginners during the session. You can bring your own equipment but this will need to be checked for suitability and safety prior to use during the session.

When do you run sessions?

The sessions are Tuesday 19:30-20:30 but some times we stay longer to do some extra sparring.


Where do the sessions take place?

The sessions take place at The Club, High Street, Newnham, GL14 1BS


How do I book?

Please email Zako to confirm your place. If you are interested in finding out more before joining the club, please contact us directly. We can of course arrange for you to come and watch a session.