The Hague

The Hague

Virtus Sword School, The Hague

Our sessions are run in English but our instructors are fluent in Dutch

We study German Longsword. This system uses both cuts and thrusts in equal measure. The syllabus is based on a range of books from the medieval period.


Jasper -Senior instructor

Jasper has been involved in HEMA since 2013, when he found it a good combination of his interest in history and physical exercise….and you know…swords!
Having been a weapons enthusiast since he can remember, he enjoys wielding all kinds of weapons, with a particular interest in longsword, single-stick, montante and pole weapons.

Jasper particularly likes the historical aspect of HEMA, and how HEMA gives the opportunity to combine it with a martial mentality to grow personally.

Jack – Instructor


Jack started studying martial arts as a teenager over 25 years ago, studying mainly Aikido with some Japanese sword as well.  He switched to HEMA in 2018 after moving to The Hague looking for a new challenge. Jack is interested in a broad range of weapons, including German Longsword, Langes Messer (Long Knife), with some medieval dagger and Meyer’s Rapier thrown in. Jack’s particular interest is in teaching methodology and helping people learn as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Kalyma – Assistant Instructor


Kalyma was hooked on HEMA after the first introduction lesson at Virtus Sword School. Initially looking for a hobby to share with her partner Jos, she found a true home in the sports combination of geeking on history, physical exercise and club commerardary. Her happy-go-lucky attitude makes her great fun to be around and Kalyma is the club treasurer.  Kalyma likes to focus on skill development and technique.

As an homage to her Spanish heritage she started studying Montante. Hunting down the perfect and most effortless solo drill is Kalyma’s passion. She owns two montantes and has recently sourced and is studying ‘Memorial of the Practice of the Montante’ by Diogo Gomes de Figueyredo 1651.  Her mantra is ‘…And who doesn’t like to play around with really big swords?

Tim – Assistant Instructor


Tim is interested in military history and how martial arts of a period inform us about the technology and dominant thought processes of the time. At Virtus Sword School, he instructs sidesword based on Joachim Meyer’s 1568 German treatise on swordsmanship.  Historically referenced as a rapier, this form of swordsmanship involves the use of what we now refer to as a sidesword. Tim has been specialising in this area since 2017.  He is active in the wider Dutch HEMA community and has an interest in many other types of weaponry and HEMA disciplines. He enjoys skill development, instructing and sparring.

Rab – Assistant Instructor


Rab has had a life-long in swords and history, and is a founding member of Virtus Sword School The Hague.  Although a longtime resident of the Netherlands, Rab is a Scot by birth.  He has specialist expertise and knowledge of Scottish Basket-hilt broad sword.  He recently deepened this knowledge further with visits to Scotland to explore this aspect of HEMA.  He instructs in this area within the club and is an active member of the community.  Rab also has his own forge where he designs and makes a range of amazing weaponry!


What are the costs?

There is an annual membership fee of €15 per year and  a training fees of €28 per month. After a couple of weeks we also ask that you buy a club t-shirt to wear at sessions from here.

What happens during a session?

A normal session will consist of a warm up followed by sword drills then light paired sparing. Each session is 55 minutes long.

What will I need to take part?

Please wear jogging bottoms (no jeans), a t-shirt and trainers. You will also need something to drink such as a large bottle of water; no alcohol permitted during the session but we normally have a drink at the bar after the session.

What equipment will we be using?

A synthetic training sword, fencing mask, gloves and elbow protection will be provided for beginners during the session. You can bring your own equipment but this will need to be checked for suitability and safety prior to use during the session.


When do you run sessions?

The sessions are Friday 19:00-20:00

Where do the sessions take place?

The sessions take place at Mariahoeve Sportcetrum, Het Kleine Loo 12, 2592CE, Den Haag

How do I book?

Please email us using If you are interested in finding out more before joining the club, please contact us directly. We can arrange for you to come and watch a session.

Where And When

The club meets on Fridays 19:00-20:30 normally there is one hour taught and half an hour of free practice.

Mariahoeve Sportcetrum, Het Kleine Loo 12, 2592CE, Den Haag

Annual Membership is €15,00
Per Month €28,00 due on the 1st of each month.

If you would like to join the group or get more information contact Jake by email

Virtus Sword School, The Hague is registered as Stichting with KVK 78655110. Chair-Jack, Vice Chair-Jasper, Treasurer-Kalyma and Secretary-Dennis

5 months ago
Photos from Virtus Sword School - The Hague's post

At the beginning of 2018 we changed venue to Mariahoeve Sportcentrum, Het Kleine Loo 12, 2592CE, Den Haag and we had a few more members.

5 months ago
Photos from Virtus Sword School - The Hague's post

Virtus Sword School - The Hague was founded by Jake in 2016. It was a small club; just Rab and a couple of others.

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