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Confirmed Instructors

 Jack Butcher Jack Butcher has been studying HEMA since 2013 and is a Free Scholar and senior student at Schola Gladatoria in London. He teaches regularly at both the Ealing (SG1) and Woking (SG5) classes.

Jack’s main focus is on British military sabre, most notably Angelo, Hutton and Waite. He also dabbles with smallsword, Victorian foil and knows enough of Fiore’s longsword and
dagger to be a danger to those around him.

Jack competes as often as family life allows him, most commonly at FightCamp where, as a marshall, he’s normally very easy to spot.

 Bart Jongmsa Bart Jongsma is an instructor at the HVN. Before that he was a member of the Groningen fighting school MARS, where he was instructor and head of the Technical Committee.

Bart has a lifelong fascination with weapons and history. In the past he has been involved in various historical crafts, including forging replicas of antique knives, swords and axes.

Because of this interest, he ended up in sword fighting; first by means of self-study, then through various study groups he started in 2011 at the fighting school AMEK in Groningen. He was one of the co-founders of MARS, the fighting school that arose in 2012 after the members of the Groningen department of AMEK decided to continue independently.

Bart’s interests are mainly focused on the long sword, the military sword and the dagger. In long sword and saber he regularly participates in (inter) national competitions. He also conducts extensive research into the source texts of HEMA, and how the martial arts were embedded in society throughout the centuries.

In addition to HEMA, Bart is involved in various strength sports such as Powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting; initially

 Daniel Jones

Dan joined Virtus Sword School at the age of 15 in 2013 and has recently become a Scholar Virtus Sword School.

He has a passion for blacksmithing and has set up Urban Anvil (as Hammerdryad in 2014) on a piece of reclaimed land in central Cardiff. Where he has worked on many large scale productions like Sherlock and Dr.Who.

He is working as an artist blacksmith putting art back into the martial arts. And getting martial arts into galleries such as his 2017’s Exhibition “Class, War and Samurai swords” at the Henri Thomas gallery.

Tea Kew

Tea Kew has been practicing historical fencing since 2013 at Cambridge HEMA, where he is now the lead instructor. Cambridge HEMA exclusively studies Ringeck’s longsword fencing, and is noted for a strong focus on cutting mechanics and technical detail, regularly publishing photographs and videos of interpretations to share with the wider community.

Tea also teaches at external events in the UK and abroad. In 2017 he attended the May Melee and Fightcamp, along with teaching a couple of day-long intensives. In addition, he attends other events as a participant to compete and learn, visiting 2 Days of the Blade (London), the Dutch Lion’s Cup (Utrecht), and the Western Martial Arts Weekend (Racine, Wisconsin), among others.

 Nick Laing


Nick Laing has study HEMA since 2012 and has run the Cardiff chapter of Virtus Sword School since 2014. He specializes in German longsword and sidesword. He is a regular instructor at the May Melee and competes in longsword compertions.
 Rob Lovett

Rob Lovett has over 40 years of martial arts experience, including boxing, wrestling, judo, Filipino stick, self-defence (New Breed). He started studying European arms and armour at the age of 15, with re-enactment, then turned to the study of historic manuals in the mid-90s. He has studied under Ancient Maister Terry Brown and Maister Frank Doherty from 1996 to 1998, before embarking on his own studies in 1998, initially with Le Jue de la Hache and then with the manuscripts ascribed to Fiore dei Liberi. He is one of the founder members of HEMAC and The Exiles CMMA. Rob Lovett has taught both nationally and internationally.
Alexander Makarov


Alexander Makarov has studied HEMA and sword fighting since 2007. He practices across multiple weapons and systems, including Italian rapier and sidesword, German longsword, and British military sabre. As a competitor he has participated and taken medals in various international tournaments including Swordfish in Sweden, TaurHEMAchia in Italy and Astolat in the UK. As an instructor he is interested mainly in 16-17th century Italian rapier and sidesword and, in particular, application of body mechanics.
Jay Maxwell

Jay Maxwell has been studying and practicing historical martial arts since 2004, including teaching at events across Europe, and winning or placing in a number of international tournaments.

Jay has focused on the study of the Italian sidesword, developing an interest in early and late transitional rapier treatises. He has also studied and taught on the use of the backsword and smallsword.

 Thomas McConnell


Thomas McConnell is an instructor at Highland Broadsword Fencing, Angus. He studies the treatise of Thomas Page and Donald McBane. His focus is highland broadsword, broadsword and targe and single stick. He has been studying highland broadsword since 2014 and have attended tourneys and seminars in Scotland and England. He has been invited  to teach broadsword and targe at Dijon in 2018. He is an accomplished smith and founded Carnage Claymores at the beginning of 2017 with a focus on producing good quality highland broadswords and other single hand swords for HEMA.
 Jonathan Middleton

Jonathan Middleton began training in HEMA in 2009, after a few years experience in other martial arts, principally various forms of kickboxing.

His main focus for training and competing is in longsword, inspired by Fiore dei Liberi. Other areas of interest are 19th century self defence and the work of George Silver and he has always followed an eclectic, experimental approach, founded in good martial principles.

Beginning training, coaching and teaching with IDC in Exeter, he is currently based at New Cross Historical Fencing and Waterloo Sparring Group in London. He enjoys developing fencers, especially building analytical skills and facilitating exchange of ideas. In his day job he does one to one coaching with neurodiverse and disabled learners and is interested in how different learning styles are expressed in fencing.

He enjoys challenging himself through competition and has won medals in longsword, sabre and rapier at UK events, as well as competing internationally in the Nordic League. He is also one of the principal organisers of the Wessex League.

 Zako Powell

Zako Powell has been studying martial arts at the age of 8 in the form of taekwondo, since then he has been developing his skills styles/systems. He is an accomplished archer both with a modern bow and historical longbow. Zako started German longsword in 2015 and has also studied sidesword and minatory sabre, he can teach an array of different weapons.
Mike Smallridge

Mike Smallridge has been practicing historical fencing for the best part of a decade (May 2009?), coming to the sport with a background in epee fencing.

With a grounding in Fiore from the IDC in Exeter, Mike moved to study the early Lichtenauer tradition to better understand longsword fencing. He also trained with the Academy of Historical Fencing in Bristol.

As a strong believer in travel and competition, Mike has been competed in fencing competitions in Sweden, Poland, Russia and even Yate, sometimes winning medals in the process.

He also holds a degree in history, and wrote his dissertation on the historiography of fencing. These days he mostly climbs and surfs, but does his best to make sparring events around the West-country.

Peter Smallridge

Peter Smallridge began training in Liechtenauer longsword 10 years ago with KDF Nottingham, and now runs KDF Tonbridge. As well as longsword, he dabbles in dagger, dussack, rappier, arming sword and buckler, Bartitsu, and ringen. Outside of HEMA, he holds a BJJ purple belt and is a Dog Brother.

His favourite takedown is the outside trip. His favourite drink is espresso. His biggest fear is the possibility that love is not enough.

Piermarco Terminiello

Piermarco Terminiello, a School of the Sword instructor, has a research interest in sixteenth and seventeenth century Italian swordplay with a focus on manuals from the period, including a number of widely overlooked works. Along with Kevin Maurer, he was recognised as “Best Researcher” in the inaugural HEMA Scholar Awards of 2013.

Among other research, he has unearthed and translated (co-authored) the “lost” second book of Nicoletto Giganti (1608), unearthed the lengthy manuscript treatise of Giovanni Battista Maffani (1629) not listed in any fencing bibliography, published English translations of Francesco Ferdinando Alfieri’s La Bandiera (1638) and La Scherma (1640); Giuseppe Colombani’s L’Arte maestra (1711); the fencing treatise of Marco Docciolini (1601); the treatise of Jacopo Monesi (1640); and a transcription of the Biblioteca Trivulziana Cod.256 (c.1680).

He has lectured at the Wallace Collection, in London; has published in the long-established peer-reviewed Journal of the Arms and Armour Society; is a member of the HEMAC; and a member of the Advisory Board of the peer-review journal Acta Periodica Duellatorum.

He has enjoyed success as a competitive fencer, winning numerous international competitions; while during his tenure The School of the Sword has established a remarkable record of tournament success.

 James Wiggins

James Wiggins has been involved with a variety of martial arts for over 20 years and started HEMA in 2013. He has experience in Taekwondo, bojutsu and karate before starting with Virtus. Since then he’s competed across Europe in steel longsword competitions and brought back quite a few medals! James focuses on teaching longsword, rapier/sidesword and staff according to Meyer but also draws inspiration from other historic masters. He has also been a guest instructor at WSA and taught at ‘Swords and Cider’ and ‘The May Melee’. He regularly attends international HEMA events to compete.